IF is a platform with the aim to inspire people and organizations, to look with a different view to their jobs, life or even the world. IF creates inspiring, refreshing and customized concepts in cooperation with unique sources; the IF inspirators.
We grouped our services around the six themes; Leadership, Talent Development, Innovation, Vitality, Connecting and Circular.
We want to let corporates create their own new ideas, how to break through standard patterns, look with a different view to the world and don’t be afraid to be different and think Out-of-the-box and be able to think “ What IF?” IF you are always doing things in the exact same way, nothing will ever change or become more successful. Change is part of our daily life and business, whether if it has to do with a changing market (situational awareness!), Technological developments (robots) or a change of culture (own energy!): as an organization you have to act on change in the right way.

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