Feed your focus

Amsterdam, 3 september 2018 Employees who receive recognition for their work accomplishments tend to have increased morale and positive workplace attitudes. Employee recognition is an incentive employers utilize to offer feedback and encouragement to employees. Recognition rewards can include award ceremonies and public announcements, her...

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IF you work for fun?! Stage!

IF wil innovatie versnellen en doet dit onder meer door innovatieve hbo studenten te interesseren voor een stageplek bij IF! Wij zoeken jou! Functie Inside Sales Representative (growth hustler) Opleidingsniveau Derde/vierdejaarsstudent HBO/WO Locatie Amsterdam/Abcoude Dagen per week 3 - 5 Beschikbaarheid September/December 2018 Stageduur 1-6  maanden Stagesoorten Werkervaring Salaris vergoeding in overleg   Taakomschrijving Nice to meet you! In...

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New Doors

Amsterdam,  1 juli 2018 We are excited to announce that our office has moved to a new location Zuidas Amsterdam. Zuidas brings the world together. Zuidas is the international urban knowledge and business centre of  Amsterdam. We spent the previous three years in a office in Abcoude near...

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IF sponsoring is for free

Amstelveen 2018 How do you make the unreachable accessible? Together with the Pole Position Foundation we have entered the adventure to organize their lustrum. Is your company the partner who will realize this dream together with us? A tennis show with inspirator Robin Haase and the hero's of...

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Enjoy the moment in Switzerland!

St Moritz, 1 juli 2018 So we just got back from representing team The Netherlands. This event was held over a span of four days with over 100 event professionals from all over the world.  We got the chance to discover a lot of pearls...

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The day to connect with someone new

Amsterdam, 28 juni 2018 CONNECTING EVENT Once every two years there is that great special moment that you share together and we are really going to MEET and where you talk about for a long time. IF coming together is just the beginning is an event...

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Summer vibes

Haarlemmermeer EXPO | Vijfhuizen, 15 juni 2018 We live in world that is constantly moving. Where everything keeps on going 24/7. And where you can follow it all online and you are reachable every minute of the day. Wouter de Jong is the author of...

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Ships don’t sink from the water around them…

Papa's Beach House | Hoofddorp, 18 mei 2018. Ships sink from the water that gets in them.   Strategic session for management team of Ramada hotels. Personal leadership demands that you investigate your own patterns of reactive behaviour. And which behaviour do you need for that? ...

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The girl with a pearl earring

IF Office, Abcoude 28 mei, 2018 Hot news this spring! Discover the secrets behind one of the world's most enigmatic painting. Who is she?  The Girl with a Pearl Earring is a seventeenth-century painting that sparks the imagination. Her enigmatic gaze, Vermeer’s use of colour,...

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