The dance

“Start with pain and start with fear, but first of all start”!

inspiring words by Chantal Janzen

The ambitious introduction of IF – Inspirators Factory took place last Monday at 9.05. Marianne Zwagerman presented the day spot on and at the end, the ‘enthusiastic dance’ took place. How great it was that Chantal told her story on the basis of ‘the dance’ and thereafter showed her dance moves. This was a clear example of how metaphors can move people.

That is why IF uses creativity to make an event stronger. Picasso knew well that he needed Paris for his ambition to become a famous artist. Forever young. The innovator. The man, as he described himself, who does not seek but finds. The dance, as an expressive form, was the stage setting on the Ambition Edition of the Summit. The place where lady and girl bosses unite and understand that just like Picasso, they need to connect with other women to realize their ambitions.

Most companies and entrepreneurs nowadays understand that creativity is an essential skill required to be able to innovate.


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IF responds to the need creativity by developing different visual concepts and implement them in a conference environment like the Next Woman’s Summit, but also in outside locations like IFcentives at Vlieland.

In co-creation with companies and organizations, IF manages the theme event, which supports the company’s vision and mission. With her network of influencers, famous Dutch people and Inspirators, IF will think with you about the content of the event.

IF believes in art and ancient stories that are needed in order to find inspiration in these times.

Because nothing changes, IF nothing changes.

IF will show you how a unique creative concept, inspired by art, science fiction and ancient stories, can give a boost to your organization.

As a creative entrepreneur, Rieke knows how to use innovative strength to fulfill your ambitions. Her personal story can be found here.

Because IF you are ambitious there is no limit. It is time for more creative concepts with IF!

Feel free to contact Rieke when you are interested.


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B. Amsterdam, 12 juni 2017